vegetable roll recipe

Vegetable Roll Recipe | How To Make Vegetable Roll At Home

Welcome to recipes in my way today we can see an easy and tasty evening snack vegetable roll recipe liked by all the age group

now let’s see the preparation and ingredients required for this take 200-gram maida flour in a bowl 1/2 spoon salt with that I’ve taken a spoon of butter

if you don’t you can take oil first we can mix them after mixing like this add some water and mix this in form of chappati batter we mixed them well

vegetable roll ingredients

now we can apply oil and close this for 15 minutes 2 tablespoon maida in another bowl 2 tablespoon cornflour add some water and mix in form of dosa batter for vegetable roll

vegetable roll recipe
vegetable roll recipe at home

I’ve taken a sliced big onion 100 gram of finely chopped cabbage and the carrot of the same quantity four chopped beans chopped coriander and curry leaves ginger garlic paste green chili -chopped,2 tablespoon green peas,1/4 spoon garam masala,/2 spoons red chili powder,1 spoon salt,1/4 spoon turmeric powder,1 spoon coriander powder

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I’m adding one tablespoon oil 1/2 spoon cumin seeds chopped onion fry this lightly our chopped beans 2 tablespoon green peas

we can fry them all together beans and peas are cooked now we can add the cabbage with this green chili one spoon ginger garlic paste

now wee can fry them well finally we can add the carrot in and fry them vegetables are 75% cooked now we can add the masalas in and fry them I’m adding a spoon of soya sauce one tablespoon tomato sauce

we can also mix them our fillings for the vegetable roll recipe is ready now we can keep them aside to cool I’ve added some curry and coriander leaves we can powder 4-5 bread in a mixer jar bread crumbs is ready we already made this maida roll now

we can cut them in required size and roll them we should spread them like chappati round shape is not a matter but the thickness should be less after making this place 2 tablespoon vegetables in the corner and apply the cornflour mix in the corner from this end

we can cover the filling and fold the two sides like this fold the ends and roll them tightly like this we can roll them all 2 tablespoon filling apply the cornflour mix at the edges like glue cover the filling side first and fold the ends and let’s roll this tightly we can dip all the rolls we made into the maida and place them in the bread crumbs these are ready

now we can fry them in oil this should be fried in medium flame turn them over we can fry them till it reaches golden brown color so that it will be crispy our tasty vegetable roll recipe is ready to try this in the same manner with same ingredients

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