spicy chicken burger recipe

Spicy Chicken burger recipe | kfc style chicken burger recipe

A very hearty welcome to all my lovely viewers Today we will be making Popeye’s Spicy Chicken burger recipe In my style, so let’s get started!

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Here We Have 1 Lb Around 1/2 Kg Of Boneless Chicken Thigh We Have Thin Pieces Like These Which We Have Washed Then Pat Dried And The Fat You See On It Is Important So We Will Not Remove It

This Way The Chicken Will Be Moist So Now Let’s Go Ahead And Add Some Spices To The Chicken Alright Will Now Quickly Put On Our Gloves And Mix Rub The Spices In This Process That We Are About To Do Can Be Done Ahead Of Time It Can Be Done

A Few Hours Ahead Of Time As Well We Will Go Ahead And Rub All The Spices Well Into The Chicken Is Even Thanking Us Now The Thigh Pieces Are Actually Jumping Up In Joy And They Are Saying Thank You For Adding All These Great Spices!

I Am Going To Be Super Spicy and Crispy! Looks Like We Have Rubbed In The Spices In Well So What We Will Do Now Is Move Our Chicken There And Bring This Here I Have Whisked This Yogurt And We Will Dilute This A Bit With Water

Now It Really Depends On Your Yogurt How Much Water You Need To Use So I’ll Tell You How Much We Need To Use So This Is How We Need The Yogurt To Be This Consistency Will Be Perfect Yes, Just Like The Yogurt We Use In Dahi Bhalas And Now We Will Add Some 2 Eggs To This

If You Would Like To Avoid Eggs You Can Skip This Step We Will Whisk The Eggs In This Looks Good Now We Will Go Add Our Egg and Yogurt Mixture Onto Our Chicken And If You Like You Can Store This In The Fridge As Well The More The Chicken Sits In This Mixture The More Tender It Will Become We Have Coated

The Chicken Well And Now We Will Add Some Seasoning To Our Flour Here We Have 2 Cups Of Flour To This We Will Add 1/2 Cup Of Corn Starch We’ll Go Ahead And Mix This Well We Have Mixed In The Spices Well Into The Flour So Let’s Move This Bowl Closer To Us We’ll Turn On Our Stove Here

We Have Oil In The Pan A Little More Than We Would Take To Shallow Fry So We’ll Heat Oil On Medium Heat And We Will Begin Dredging Our Chicken We’ll Do Two At A Time We Won’t Crowd The Bowl

spicy chicken burger recipe
spicy chicken burger recipe

Now We Will Begin Coating The Chicken With Our Flour This Is Why We Need A Large Bowl We’ll Flip The Pieces Over And Press The Flour Into Them You Can The Piece Is Getting Larger As We Press On It You Can Make The Same Recipe With Breast Meat

However, The Thigh Is A More Tender Portion It’s Just Softer And Juicer It Won’t Dry Out After Frying It’ll Stay Crispy On The Outside And Moist From The Inside It’s Your Choice However While I am coating this I am reminded of my Zinger Burger Recipe I made it after so many people requested it And so many of you really loved it And if any of you have not seen it Then I’ll post a link of it here You’ll really love it!

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So we have coasted the chicken really well And we can tell the oil is hot enough as well When you place you hand over the pan You can feel the heat Not too much heat but enough So a good way for us to double-check is to Take any wooden skewer Dip it in the oil

You should see bubbles forming on the outside So this is perfect! Because we want to cook the chicken thoroughly So we’ll shake off the excess And with lots of love we will Place it into the oil We will fry the chicken 5 to 6 minutes on one side And till then we will continue with our other pieces

Do you know a weird thing happened When the Popeyes crispy chicken burger first came out It was so new and everyone wanted to try it All restaurants were sold out quickly So I heard on the news that some people Went into the Restaurant and demanded the sandwich

They took out a gun and demanded the spicy chicken burger  So I thought I better give you all the recipe Before someone would ask for the recipe at gunpoint So here it is! So we are done with these two as well So it’s been 6 minutes so let’s flip our chicken

So we’ll fry the other side for around 4 to 5 minutes So it’s been a total of 14 minutes And our chicken is super crispy and crunchy So we’ll go ahead and take it out And we will place it on a wire rack Or any dish that lets the air flow So that the chicken stays crispy

So now we’ll wait for the oil to heat back up again Then we’ll add the remaining two pieces It’s almost time to flip our chicken But before that, we will go ahead and toast the buns So we have kept the stove on medium heat And we will add a few teaspoons of oil And we’ll add our buns These will slowly toast Til then we’ll flip our chicken

We’ll flip them bottom bun We won’t toast the top bun on both sides When you toast the top bun on both sides It kind on ruins the look of the bun So our buns are nice and toasted So we’ll go ahead and take them out Look at this, nice and toasted

Now we’ll go ahead and do the other ones It’s time to take our chicken out now We’ll go ahead and take them out We’ll turn off the stove These look fabulous Now we’ll check up on our buns Look how good they look We’ll just toast the other side and take them out Looking good!

So now we’ll quickly Make our spicy mayo And if you’d like my homemade mayo recipe If you would like me to post the recipe Then please request for it in the comments of the crispy chicken burger recipe post means this post

We are making 4 burgers so We’ll take 4 heaping tablespoons of mayo So we whisked the mayo a bit Now we are going to add And any type of hot sauce Mine is Tapatio You choose any of your choices So this is our spicy mayo So let’s assemble our burgers So we are making 2 different versions We’ll start by spreading our mayo on the bottom bun

So now on one of them, we’ll add some Which are not the authentic poppy’s version But you how much I love colors We’ll be adding some shredded cabbage and; carrots

Now the actual chicken sandwich at Popeyes It only has pickles So we’ll add them Ready to go! Let’s add some pickles to the other one as well Did you see how quickly we made these Popeye’s crispy chicken burger recipe

Now I’ll try them and let you know how they taste No wonder they were robbed at gunpoint It’s so good! Tasty! Crispy! And the pickles! So yummy! Sour and; Spicy all in One One more bite Just to tease you all Amazing! Go fast make these great sandwiches Rock the world!

You’ll see everyone will love these It’s that type of a recipe If you are making these for kids Just add a little less heat Enjoy, have fun and let other have fun because of you Ok then have to bye, keep me in your prayers God-willing I’ll be back with another outstanding recipe! Love you all! Bye!

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