simple red velvet cake recipe

Simple Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe |Red Velvet Cake

simple red velvet cake recipe is the very famous cake recipe from all cake

Hello and welcome to my foodis kitchen. And we’ll be cooking everyone’s favorite Red Velvet Cake recipe.

Red Velvet Cake is a cake that has a soft, creamy texture, just like velvet.

And red color just happens to be very very popular in red Velvet Cake. So today for the Cake first we need a bowl. We put white flour in the bowl. A tiny pinch of Salt, Cocoa powder, A little Baking Soda, Baking powder. Both go in and we will strain it.

By straining, if there are lumps in this, it will get removed. So that our cake is very velvety smooth. So that our cake is very velvety smooth. That’s it. Let’s move on to creaming butter and sugar together.

We have Butter. Soft Butter means it is soft We add into this Sugar. I have used breakfast sugar i.e. thin grain sugar. This is important for any Cake. We’ll now cream it lightly at a slow speed.

ingredients simple easy red velvet cake recipe

We have eggs, one by one add in the butter and sugar mixture, slowly and gradually add while whisking it. Butter is now very soft and creamy. We’ll add in this, a little Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Essence.

Now we’ll add to it beaten Yogurt. Now Classically, into the simple easy Red Velvet Cake, Vinegar is added which basically reacts with the Baking Soda and activates it. But personally, I don’t like vinegar so instead of Vinegar, I will be using Yogurt.

You can also use Buttermilk if you want. You can also use Buttermilk if you want. With that, I’m adding this bright red Velvet color. Let’s mix it again. Look at that.

We now fold our Flour mixture very very slowly inside this. We now fold our Flour mixture very very slowly inside this.

Add a little flour mixture and fold it gently And the last one. Look at that. Nice, thick batter. That’s what we need.

simple easy red velvet cake recipe
simple red velvet cake recipe

Now we have this cake tin. We have greased it a little. And put a Butter paper in this. On the sides too. That’s it. Now. we need to pour in the batter, rather drop the Batter. Just let the Batter settle. Spread it evenly. Perfect.

Now this will go inside the oven, at 180 degrees Celsius, for approximately 30-35 minutes. So, in it goes. Till our Cake is getting ready, We will prepare the icing.

The filling of the simple Red Velvet Cake is made of soft cream cheese. We have this Cream Cheese. To this, we add fine grain sugar.

Very little Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Essence. And we gently cream it with sugar. And we gently cream it with sugar. Whisk it very slowly, over whisking can break the cheese. Just gently you have to mix it, till the time sugar dissolves in this.

Just to lighten it up, We add a little whipped cream into this first. So that the whisking gets easier. There. Now we, fold the whipped cream in this. Gently. This is ready. Yummy.

Alright, it’s time to check on my simple red velvet cake recipe. Yes. It has come out beautiful, it has risen beautifully. And the crack visible on the top that’s a sign of a very nicely baked cake.

Here we give a 5-10 minutes rest to the Cake. Here we give a 5-10 minutes rest to the Cake. Then we keep it on a wire rack where we’ll cool it off completely. Before we’ll ice it.

Now we place the Cake on the rack. Place the rack on the top and upturn it. There. Carefully just turn it around. Now, this might seem nicely browned on the outside but there’s nothing to fear. Because only the outer layer is brown, Inside it is bright pink.

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Once it is completely cold. Then we’ll scrape its top and side layers and we’ll ice it. I have the Red Velvet Cake completely cool now, We place it on to a cake stand.

I have a bread knife, We will remove the top crust from this first. We’ll cut it evenly. This crust or crumb of the cake, Do not throw it, this will also be used.

Now on the sides. Just from the center, we will slice it, and divide this into two layers. So keep the knife straight. Gently lift it.

There Now Our Cheese and Cream filling goes on the top. Spread it using a pallet knife. Now, we will keep the second layer back on the top.

Let’s run the knife alongside. Our leftover icing Give it a good stir and we’ll put it on the top of the easy red velvet cake. Again, using your pallet knife, gently we will spread it. And we’ll cover the entire cake with this.

Now, on the sides. Let’s rub it. Make sure when you are giving it a final finishing, to clean the pallet knife before using, whenever you are using it. Because now the crumps of the cake can stick to it.

These edges from its bottom, we’ll just try and clean it. Now from the back of the pallet knife Just make these nice gentle peaks. So simple.

Now, we have these cake crumbs which we removed from the top of the cake which we removed from the top of the cake Now, these crumbs to the side of the cake, like this with light hands.

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We’ll stick it. Don’t worry, dressing a simple red velvet cake recipe can be a little messy work. But you have to go through this mess, to get the final product. So, this will go inside the Fridge and till then I’ll clean this area, Because a clean kitchen is the best kitchen.

Alright, guys. It’s been 1.5 hours, our cake must be ready by now. This is the time for me to say, the cake will be served to all. Time to cut a slice of this beautiful cake. Let’s do it. Just carefully and gently. Place it. Beautiful yummy, simple easy Red Velvet Cake recipe is done.

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