royal falooda recipe

Royal Falooda Recipe | How to make Royal Falooda

today we have come with royal falooda recipe so you can enjoy this summer

Hello friends. In this scorching summer, something chilly to drink is nice. Today we will make such drink. We will make shahi royal falooda today. Lets start. To make royal falooda,

ingredients of royal falooda recipe

we will need.. vanilla ice cream, Falooda laccha, sacha seed, Some milk, small slices of mango, Sliced grapes, Some roohafza, Jelly and sliced dry fruits. You can use your choice of ice cream and fruits. Jelly is always optional. Soak the seeds in water. They increase in size  and become like jelly and give their unique taste.

They are beneficial for wight loss, sugar control, acidity remedy. All the ingredients are easily available in market except the falooda. Although is is easy to make but a slightly tricky. I will show you how to make it first.

Take 1 bowl arrow root and add 1 1/2 bowl water and make a paste. Cook in a pan while stirring. In 1-2 minutes it will be like jelly. Keep stirring. There should be no lumps. Turn off when transparent.

royal falooda recipe
royal falooda recipe

Add it in noddle maker, and put the noodles in ice cold water to set them in same manner and avoid mixing with water. See, how easy to make. I try to explain everything, but if you still have doubts, ask in comments, I will reply soon.

Lets prepare the royal falooda. Add a scoop of ice cream in glass. 2 teaspoons seeds, Some faloods lacche, Some roohafza, Mango slices. Black and green grapes. Some jelly. Lacche again followed by roohafza and then ice cream. mango slices, seeds and laccha again.

Scoop ice cream on top and add roohafza and soem dry fruits. The ice- cream is melting because of heat that is why I have not used milk. The royal falooda is ready.

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how do you eat falooda?

you can eat falooda by spoon or you can direct drink but you need spoon

How do you make Falooda from scratch?

falooda is easy recipe you can make falooda from scratch by following our simple recipe

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