Pista Kulfi Recipe | How to Make Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe

Hello Friends today I am going to make Pista Kulfi recipe. In summer everybody enjoying Ice cream again and again And my kids Vilohit and Rayansh liked it very much And it is super easy to make pista Kulfi ice cream.

Lets get started Friend to make kesar pista Kulfi recipe we need One Litter Full Cream Milk 150 gm Khoya.It is also called mawa

I have taken 200gm Sugar Here Custord Power 2 Teaspoon Little bit cardamom powder A few Pistachio A few Almonds 2 teaspoon dry coconut power First of all, We will pour 1 ltr milk on pan We will boil it on full flame, till the first boil come And when the first boil come, we will keep boiling it on medium flame and keep stirring the milk We will boil it till it boils for 4 times See the milk is reduced by boiling Friends,

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pista kulfi recipe
pista kulfi recipe

Now lets put Khoya / Mawa in the mik Friends, its the best shortcut to make pista Kulfi Ice cream Else we would have taken 2 ltr mik..and we have to keep it stirring, till it is reduced to 1 ltr.

But by adding Khoya / Mawa will increase the consistency of Milk I mean milk will become thicker. And a unique aromatic flavor also induce in the milk Now we will keep stirring the milk to Mix Khoya/ Mawa in the milk.

And do this process on Medium flame And all further process will be done on Medium flame only Now the Khoya/ Mawa is mixed well in the milk Friends if the Khoya is fresh. It surely Increase the take of Kulfi Ice Cream After 5 Minutes of putting khoya.

it time to add custord powder to thicken the milk I have mix the Custard Powder in the half milk Now, lets pour it into the milk Friends, Never Put Custor Powder Direct into the milk It can create lumps of Custard.

Now lets stir it for 5 more minutes to make milk thicken And when you will milk is a little reduced We will add the coconut powder then And mix it well in the mik Friends, I have put the milk powder just because. While enjoying kulfi it texture feels grainy Now, Lets put the cardamom powder Cardamom power will bring the aromatic flavor in Kulfi Now, lets put pistachio A little almond I have sliced them thinner Let stir it more till it become a little more thicker Now the milk is perfectly think…and producing good aroma Friends, Now let add sugar to it.

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And stir it to mix sugar Friends, i have used 200gm sugar for every 1 ltr milk 200gm sugar is sufficient. But, It you like less sweet, you can adjust the quantity as per your taste after putting sugar stir it 5-7 more minutes Now the milk is thicken and reduced Now lets turn off the Gas..and let it cool down Now the milk is cool down..we can fridge it as per our choice You can put it in kulfi Molds Or you can even use steel glasses or you can use baking tray I am going to fridge it in the backing tray Lets pour it down into the baking tray carefully Now, Lets cover it Now,

we will refrigerate it for 6-8 hours I have refrigerated it for 6 hours And my kids are waiting to enjoy it Lets check, if it is perfectly set You can see it is not set perfectly set yet..but it can be eaten It is almost 90% set The only thing is that, it will get melted fast Now let serve it Lets garnish it with pistachio and almonds Friend it is so creamy Please do refrigerate it perfectly, and must try pista kulfi recipe at home Now it can be enjoyed Friends

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What is pista kulfi?

it is famous indian food it is fvourite food of child
Kulfi is an Indian dessert made by boiling milk till it thickens and then adding sugar and other flavors to it.
The most common ingredients added to the kulfi are saffron, cardamom, pistachios, almonds etc

What are the ingredients in kulfi?

cream milk
this is the ingredients in kulfi

What is kulfi called in English?

in english kulfi is called stick ice cream and candy. it is famous and healthy ice cream

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