omelette pizza recipe

Omelette Pizza Recipe at home | Egg Pizza recipe

Hello friend we are come with omelette pizza recipe so you can enjoy egg pizza

today I’m going to share with you in egg Pizza I’m going to make a 2 different way of egg pizza one will be a half fried egg pizza another will be omelette pizza and how do I make a delicious that I’m going to share with you

and this omelette pizza recipe is really quick and easy to make if your kids are fond of pizza but they don’t like eggs this is the best method to make a pizza and then they will start loving the eggs and without wasting any time let’s start with the ingredient

I’m going to use the shredded cheese which is Mozzarella and Cheddar Jack cheese I’m going to use the 3 eggs 1 for half fry another 2 I’m going to use for my omelet I’m using red bell pepper orange bell pepper yellow bell pepper and green bell pepper we also call it capsicum or shimla mirch

I’m going to use the scallion I cut the green part separate and white part separate in other words we call it green onion then I’m going to use the carrot olives to garnish our pizza I’m going to use cilantro which is dhania I’m going to use olive oil we’re going to use the parmesan cheese spices I’m going to use this for my spice rack get a bowl I’m going to grab small amount of olives a red bell pepper yellow bell pepper orange bell pepper green bell pepper white part of scallion green part of scallion and to get some carrots

I’m going to use a small amount of for salt just a pinch small amount of black pepper cumin powder and coriander powder and I’m just going to mix it like a two drops of olive oil very little amount and we’re going to mix it well so this is going to be over topping I’m going to start the gas once the pan is heated up

I’m going to bring the gas to low very little amount of olive oil I’ll break egg and place it black pepper and I’m going to place the topping I’m going to spread it evenly you can get a knife and you can break the yolk or you can leave the yolk as is tried both ways whatever you like you can put more topping this will be perfect I’m going to use cheddar jack cheese

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How to make omelette pizza recipe

I’m going to put the tower on and we’re going to let it sit for five minutes start for the second one I’m going to put olives carrots yellow bell pepper the red bell pepper orange bell pepper green bell pepper white part of scallion greens scallion so all like a pinch coriander powder black pepper and cumin powder

only pinch and I’ll bring olive oil just very little we’ll mix it well so this is going to be over topping get a bowl and we’re going to break that to get the fork and I’m going to beat it there I’m going to bring a pinch salt and black pepper and we’re going to beat it well we have over half fry getting ready wow it’s nice and sizzling bubbling

I’m going to get another pan I’m going to start a gas and we’re going to heat up the pan once the pan is heated up I’m going to bring the gas to low and we’re going to add very little amount of olive oil just couple of drops of olive oil and I’m going to get a napkin and clean it like this so once pan is nicely coated with the oil now

omelette pizza recipe
omelette pizza recipe

I’m going to bring the beaten egg perfect this is over topping the pizza topping I’m going to sprinkle all over on the sides nice layer of topping on on top of it I’m going to get a good layer of mozzarella cheese after adding the cheese we’re going to bring over gas on medium and we’re going to put the lid on and

we’ll cook it for five minutes another side it’s already 5 minutes if I open it whoo look at this hot steamy I’m going to turn off the gas or this is a cast iron so it’s gonna be real hard so I’m going to use the gloves so the cheese on the side is a really nicely melted and it’s just stuck so we’re going to make sure that we just cut it off it’s like that I got my serving platter I’m going to wear my gloves again this is the cast iron

if it’s a nonstick then one going to get stick at the bottom it did gets sticky at the bottom and I’m going to take it out this one is looking good and I’m going to use I’m going to bring small amount of coriander leaves dhania and parmesan cheese whoa it’s looking delicious

so I’m going to show you oh it’s a half fry look at the bottom the crust that’s our half fried egg and the pizza topping and I’m going to try it and see so good please try it now we need to check our second piece is almost 5 minutes cooking our omelet Pizza with the covered lid or more look at the cheese oh look at that it’s nice

so I’m going to break the edges as the cheese is nicely melted on the side and if we look at the bottom Wow look at that our omelet nicely done I’ll bring small amount of cilantro on top of it and then I’m going to dish out while we’re looking nice and look at the pan will let some Parmesan cheese on top of it Wow looking so good and chili flakes with the pizza

ooh the Chili’s a must it’s going to cut through all the way Oh looky so good our Pizza is already omelette Pizza recipe is already and I’m going to take it out look at this it’s so cheesy whoa look at the cheese if we look at on the side this looks beautiful I got my serving platter Wow look at the Pizza this is so tasty and delicious the half fried Pizza was really good the omelet pizza so good very delicious

I can put it in on one time in my mouth so like a bite-sized kids will love it try it hmm so good mmm hope you like you read it but I have to finish the video I’m not looking I’m not kidding it’s very delicious please try it as I mentioned earlier if your kids are found of Pizza but they don’t like egg and this is the perfect way to serve egg pizza to your kids

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