Moong Dal Kachori Kaise Banaye

Moong Dal Kachori Kaise Banaye | kachori Recipe

today we have come with moong dal kachori kaise banaye so you can make best kachori recipe

Hello friends today I will show you how to make moong dal kachori kaise banaye . I have shared a great and easy recipe of the best puffed up kachoris. Please watch the recipe carefully as I have shared tips for the perfect moong dal kachori.

So lets begin. I share new recipes every week so for their updates kindly subscribe to our channel for the latest notification. Let us know what we need for moong dal Kachori.

I have taken 150gms moong dal which I have soaked for 3 hours and then dried its water. 300gms of maaida. 1tbs salt, 1/2 tbs turmeric,1/2 tbs red chili powder, 1/2 tbs garam masala, 1tbs coriander, ajwain a little, kasuri methi a little,1tbs cumin seeds, sauf 1/2 tbs, 50gms refined oil and 3tbs gram flour. Lets first knead the flour, take the maida, salt, ajwain as it helps in digestion and pour the oil and knead it nicely. The oil or ghee we use in maida its called MOIN! Add water gradually and knead a soft dough. We need to make a soft dough so when done cover it keep it aside for 10mins.

So now lets prepare the stuffing! Lets turn the gas on and prepare the stuffng. Add 3tbs of refined oil and heat up and fry up the cumin seeds.

We dont need to fry the cumin much and now add the gram flour and fry it till it starts to become aromatic. Its done now as it is aromatic now. Now lets add the moong dal. Lower the gas so it doesn’t burn. I have used gram flour so it dries up easily otherwise it will take a lot of time. Now lets put the spices in, turmeric, garam masala, coriander powder, red chili powder, salt, saunf and kasuri methi crushed a little and mic everything well.

Friends I am cooking it on low flame. You can add asfetida or ginger in it as well. We will cook it for 2mins so they cook nice and then turn the gas off and let it cool down. Its been 10mins so our dough is ready. Put 1tbs of refined oil and knead again so it is more soft. Lets prepare balls for kachoris. I am making  this size of balls. Balls are ready and so is our dal filling. So now lets turn the gas on and heat up oil for frying. Till the time oil is heating lets prepare kachoris.

Moong Dal Kachori Kaise Banaye
Moong Dal Kachori Kaise Banaye

I have taken a ball and flatten it with hands so that our stuffings get in well. Lets put the stuffing in. We will press in the middle and make a nice sealed ball and remove the excess dough.We need to make sure to seal nicely otherwise they will break up while frying.

smoothen the round ball and make other kachoris like this only. I have stuffed all the balls so lets give then kachori shape. We will spread it with light hands like this. Do not apply pressure otherwise stuffing will come out. Now we will give it a shape like this applying pressure inwards.

You can make small or big kachoris as per your choice. So they are ready lets put it in the oil. I have prepared all the kachoris and put them in oil. The flame is on low as they will rise up when cooked. When kachoris fry slowly they become crispy. Do not loose patience while frying. When they will cook well and you can see it is coming up. So lets put the flame on medium and turn them so they cook.

Friends see they are turing brown so turn the flame high and fry till they turn golden brown. Friends make sure to seal it well as you can see one of kachoris opened up. They are ready but we will fry for 1more min so they turn crispy.

Lets take them out and see how good this kachoris are. Similary make others as well. We cook on low flame so that they cook well and if we fry on high flame they will be brown from the outside but wont cook well.

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These are ready lets take them out. I have served them and they have turned out great. You can store them for 10-12 days or can enjoy hot with a sauce. You ll will love it so do try at home.

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