Moong daal Kachori recipe at home

How To Make Moong daal Kachori recipe At Home

we like that Kachoris So today I am going to share with you a recipe of Moong daal Kachori recipe

we all like to eat Kachori; we all have that one of our favorite stall or cook who makes so fluffy and crispy Kachoris recipe

also will be sharing some special tips so that you can make that fluffy & crispy Kachoris at home and they are healthy if we cook them at home also we can make its stuffing according to our taste if you find the tips useful then  do SUBSCRIBE to my channel

so let’s get started first we take white flour (Maida) add salt as per taste then add oil is must add as this aids crispiness in Kachoris also add curd too makes kachoris crispy first mix them dry

now knead it with water if you want can add baking soda instead of Dahi knead it neither too hard nor too soft now press this with the palms like this dough is ready as you can see here we’ve used only 1/4 glass of water to knead it to set the dough to leave it covered for 20 minutes this makes Kachoris fluffy for its stuffing I’ve already soaked this Moong daal for 2 hours strain all the water

Moong daal Kachori recipe at home
Moong daal Kachori recipe at home

now slightly grind it for 2 seconds in a grinder now heat oil in a pan now add cumin seed when oil gets warm then add coarsely grounded coriander now add gram flour as this absorbs all the moisture of daal slightly roast this gram flour for 1 to 2 minutes now add salt, red chili powder & turmeric and mix them well now

add Amchur Powder to aid more taste you can add these spice according to your taste now add moong daal & mix well now here we add roasted fennel seeds add these fennel seeds at last again adding salt stuffing is ready to turn off the gas flame

now let it to cool dough is ready after 20 minutes press the dough by applying little oil in your palms now make little balls from this dough these are ready for stuffing the first roll a ball needs to keep thin from the edges while keeping thick from center now

fill it with stuffing neither fill this too little nor too more as stuffing might be open while frying in oil now close its opening like this now roll it with a roller likewise prepare all these leave them after stuffing for at least 10 minutes as this avoid bubbles while frying now these are ready to fry

heat the oil in a pan need to take care while frying like should keep the oil warm while frying these kachoris put all these kachoris one by one in warm oil no need to touch them after some time they float over now flip all the kachoris one by one now fry them till they turn golden brown from both sides

these got golden brown take out and  put them on a tissue paper likewise all the Kachoris you can store them in an airtight container for about 15 to 20 days also you can carry these if you are going for a journey so try out this  Moong daal Kachori recipe at home

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