jalebi recipe

Jalebi Recipe | How To Make Jalebi Recipe Instant

Hello friends. Today I am going to make juicy, and crispy instant jalebi recipe. It can be made quickly. Lets start.

To make instant jalebi recipe, you will need.

what are the ingridients of jalebi recipe

150 grams all purpose flour, 3-4 tablespoon curd, 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 pinch orange food color, 300 grams sugar (for sugar syrup), 1/2 tablespoon cardamom powder, We will prepare sugar syrup first. Add 300 ml water, and 300 grams sugar in a pan. and boil it. Sim the gas after 5-6 minutes. Take 1-2 drops in a bowl to check the consistency. There is stickiness, and a line is forming.

We do not have to make it too thick, or too runny. Add cardamom powder, and mix. This will give fragrance to the syrup. It is ready now.

We will heat the oil for frying before preparing the batter. Prepare the batter, while it is heating. Take all purpose flour in a bowl. Add 3-4 tablespoon curd, and 1 teaspoon baking soda, and mix.

jalebi recipe

Add some water, and mix. Do not add water all at once. Add food color, and water, and mix.The curd will activate the baking soda.

The baking soda will help the jalebi batter to rise. Add water accordingly, and prepare the batter. Make it this thick, otherwise the shape will be  distorted.

To make jalebi, you can use the cake icing bag, or sauce bottle. But I prefer this ready made icing bag. They are for use, and throw purpose, and you can get it at any bakery shop.

Put it on glass, like this, and add batter. Subscribe, and click the bell icon to get instant notifications about the new videos I upload every week.

Do not overcrowd the pan. Fry them in medium hot oil. Otherwise, the jalebi will come up as soon as you put the batter, and the shape will be difficult to make.

These tips are important, and will help you to make perfect jalebi. When fried from one side, turn them over, and fry from the other side as well. They are properly fried. Lets dip them in the sugar syrup.

The syrup should be hot, otherwise it will not enter inside jalebi. Let them soak in syrup fro some time.Make other jalebis too. Take them out, and let the syrup drip from them. Take them out, and make others the same way. The hot jalebi recipe are ready. Do try at your home.

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