instant rawa idli recipe

How To Make Instant Rava Idli Recipe Just 30 Minutes

Hello friends. Today, I will make the Instant Rava idli recipe.

By this recipe, you can prepare this in minimum time.

To make rawa idli, you will need it.

Ingredients of soft Rava idli recipe

250 grams semolina(Rava for making idli),
150 grams curd,
1/2 tablespoon salt,
2-3 tablespoon refined oil,
1 packet Eno

How to Make Instant Rava idli recipe

instant rawa idli recipe

Add semolina in a bowl. I have taken a thick one. Add fresh curd. Add some salt and mix. Mix thoroughly. Add some water, and mix again. Allow the semolina to rise for 5-7 minutes.

Turn on the gas, and add 3-4 glasses of water. Cover, and let it boil. The semolina will rise till then. Grease the idli mold with grease. Greasing will help to take the idlis out easily, and do not stick. Semolina has risen.

Add water, and mix. Do not make it runny like dosa batter. Keep it thick. Add Eno food salt, and add 2 tablespoon water on it. Mix. It will help in fermenting. Add it in idli mold. This step should be fast. After adding Eno, do not take much time.

The water has boiled. Add the idli sand, cover, and let it cook in steam for 10 minutes. 10 minutes have passed. Remove the lid and check. Insert bamboo stick. It comes out clean.

instant Rava idli recipe is ready. Turn off the gas. Take out the idli stand, and let it cool for 1-2 minutes, so that they will set. Let’s take them out. They are soft. When you take them in hands, and they feel light. It means they are cooked perfectly. The texture is good too. let’s serve.

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I have shown how to make sambar in the last recipe, whose link I have shared in description. Do try at your home. You will like them. Do like my instant Rava idli, and subscribe and click the bell icon. Tell me how you like my recipe in comments. We will meet with a new recipe soon. Bye-bye.

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