haldiram rasmalai recipe

Haldiram Rasmalai Recipe | How To Make Rasmalai

today we have come with easy rasmalai recipe like haldiram rasmalai recipe

Hello friends, Today, I will make haldiram rasmalai recipe. I have shared step by step process.

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how to make haldiram rasmalai recipe

haldiram rasmalai recipe
haldiram rasmalai recipe

To make rasmalai, you will need.. 2 liter full cream milk, 200 gram sugar, 2 lemon juice, 1 teaspoon cardamom powder, Some pistachios, almonds (chopped), and some saffron. You can also use yellow food color.

Boil 1 liter milk first. Sim the gas, and add lemon juice, and let it boil again. It has started curdling. We make cottage cheese by this process. In Bengali, it is called as ‘chenna’.

Keep boiling till lumps are formed. If it doesn’t curdles, add more lemon juice. After the lumps are formed, separate the water using muslin cloth (easily available at cloth shops), carefully.

Make a bag like this, and squeeze to drain. Do it carefully, as it is still hot. Discard the bowl water. Add water to this to remove the sourness. Drain, and discard water.

The cottage cheese is soft. Rub it like this on a steel utensil using palms. Take some, and make balls like these. 7 balls are prepared. Next process now.

Add 1/2 liter water, and sugar in a pan, and boil. After boiling, add the balls. Cover and boil on full flame for 20 minutes. They have doubled in size. Let them cool. Prepare milk rabri mean time.

Take 1 liter milk, and boil. When boiled, starts stirring, and let it heat on medium flame. Keep stirring to avoid burning, and sticking. When it remains half, add cardamom powder, and saffron, and 100 gm sugar. Keep it this thick only.

Add pistachios, and almonds. Turn off and let it cool. Mix after cooling, and take out in a bowl. Take and drain the balls, and add in the rabri, so that they soak it. Lets serve.. Garnish with pistachios, almonds, and saffron.

Tasty haldiram rasmalai recipe is ready. Cool and then eat for increased taste..

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