easy Italian lasagna recipe

How To Make Easy Italian Lasagna Recipe 20 Minutes

Hi guys, I am finally going to make something that I’ve been getting a lot of requests for It is my easy Italian lasagna recipe.

Now, this is a basic meat and cheese lasagna That’s what we’re going to do: so we’re first going to start to make our meat sauce, and this is what you need for the meat sauce:

You need some ground-up sausage, Italian sausage, you need some ground beef, some tomato puree, some chopped up onions, some red wine and of course salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil.

Now: This is a basic lasagna recipe that’s been handed down to me by my mother, by my grandmother. I do make a dozen different lasagnas I make vegetarian lasagna, seafood, what lasagna, holiday lasagna, but this is the basic, ok?

So let’s go to the stove and start cooking that meat sauce! I have a large pot here with about three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, preheating for our onions. putting my onions in.

Isn’t that a beautiful sound? I have this over medium-high heat and you want this to cook down and caramelize and it will take about 4 to 5 minutes and then we will add in our ground beef and our ground sausage

Now, my onions are nice and translucent, they’re not really browned or anything yet and that’s fine; they’ve been cooking for four minutes because now we’re gonna add in our ground meat: our ground sausage and our ground beef and you want to break this up now, growing up, my grandmother used to make teeny, teeny, weenie meatballs out of this ground meat and ground sausage I don’t have the patience for it.

There’s no way I am going to sit there making hundreds of these teeny, teeny, tiny meatballs – it literally took all day but she had me to do it. that is why she did it my mother just used to cook ground beef and ground sausage like so.

That’s how I do it I want to make sure that it’s delicious but I also want to make sure that it doesn’t take me all day I think (you know that’s a lot) (it’s a big -um) I think people always say that they don’t do something because it takes too long but you aren’t doing anything to it, you’re putting it together but then it cooks by itself so we’re just gonna break this up and you wanna let this cook until all the way cooked through or mostly cooked through.

It’ll take about 10 minutes or so and then we’ll add the wine and the rest of the ingredients now my sausage and ground beef have been cooking together with the onions on medium heat for about 5 minutes As you can see it’s just about cooked all the way through but that doesn’t matter

now I’m gonna add in the red wine I just know this is gonna be delicious and now this is going to be much more you know meat sauce than you’re gonna need to assemble your lasagne but the whole point about this is you want the extra sauce to spoon over your Italian lasagna recipe.

I mean, otherwise, when it cooks in the oven it dries out a little which is what you want because then it stays together but I need that extra sauce. So we put in the wine, [INCOHERENT], and that doesn’t cook for very long okay.

Now we’re gonna put in our tomato puree now depending on the brand that you buy some are thicker than others this is a really thick puree so I’m adding 3 28oz cans and I’m going to also add a little bit of water this is really really thick… So about half a can should do.

Oh, this is perfect, nice and thick, this is what you want; this is what makes it so incredibly delicious my grandmother used to say that you know you have a good meat sauce when at the end of the three and a half-hour cooking you stick your spoon in and stays there; that we know you’ve got it, you did it right So now, heat back to medium-low okay now put a lid partially on, okay, as you can see the lid’s not all the way on but that what you want you to want the water to evaporate and you want the sauce to concentrate and thicken up and you’re gonna leave this alone for about three and a half hours.

easy Italian lasagna recipe
easy Italian lasagna recipe

you’re gonna check on it every now and then; give it a stir, but you’re gonna leave it alone for three and a half hours. In the meantime, I’m gonna go do some cleaning and this needs no attention from me! Okay, now my sauce has been cooking for four hours it’s beautifully thickened; look at that… It’s exactly what you want… it’s perfect.

so now I will season it with salt and pepper I know… starting with the pepper, don’t ask Mmm, just gonna… it smells incredibly good. Like so. Okey-dokey And… just wanna put in some fresh basil… [You] can’t make meat sauce or any kind of sauce without fresh basil, it just can’t, can’t be done. Give this a nice little stir, take it off the heat… Mmm… Ah, the smell of my childhood, so good.

Just wanna give it a quick little taste for seasoning bit more salt… Mmm, smells divine… Perfect! Perfect; always adjust the seasoning before you (put in you) start assembling it.

Here we go. Now, let me show you the rest of the ingredients you’re gonna need to finish the dish. You’re gonna need some pasta, some lasagna noodles Right here that I’ve only cook it to 4-5 minutes so that they’re pliable not to all the way done cause they’re gonna continue cooking in the oven.

Some home milk Ricotta Parmesan Mangino, some fresh mozzarella that I have cut very thinly salt pepper and an egg And of course you’re going to need your meat sauce.

Now, the first thing we’re going to do is make the Ricotta layer for this and get the lid open. Now you want to make sure you use whole milk Ricotta not the part-skim None of that. It has to be the real thing.

You need 2 pounds of it. I know it looks a lot but it’s going to make a lot of Italian lasagna recipe one egg Like that Season this And very little salt because remember that we have salt already in the sauce and we already have a lot of salt in the parmesan mangiano that we’re going to add now That should do it Mix this up until it’s well combined okeydoke everything’s well combined.

Now take your olive oil just a little drizzle on your casserole dish okay take your pastry brush. It has to go over because you don’t want the lasagna noodles to stick.

There’s no point in making something delicious that you can’t get out of the pan Lovely. Okay…now this is gonna go really quickly. Take some of your sauce at the bottom Like so Pasta Line the bottom overlapping just a little.

The last one Now you take your Ricotta mixture And what you wanna do is you wanna spread this on the pasta just like that is exactly what you want.

Then you wanna make sure you take some of your pasta sauce-your meat sauce I should say After the sauce goes the mozzarella Doesn’t have to be perfect Just wanna layer this out because the mozzarella is going to ooze After the mozzarella

a nice sprinkle of you Parmigiano and start all over again from the noodles to the ricotta to the sauce and the mozzarella All over again till you have a complete layer and you want to end up with the mozzarella and the parmigiana That’s when you wanna end up so keep going the Last layer of parmesan

Okay, this is gonna go into a preheated 375-degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour. Most ovens vary so check it at 45 minutes If it’s getting too brown at the top, put a little aluminum foil on it otherwise let it go for an hour My easy Italian lasagna recipe is out of the oven.

I just look it out so you don’t want to cut it for at least 20 minutes otherwise it’s gonna fall apart and be all over the place and be amess. You really want to have it nice and together and spoon some of that extra meat sauce on the top and it would be amazing! I promise you this is the ultimate meat and cheese lasagna.

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