easy butter chicken recipe

Easy Butter Chicken Recipe (Step By Step Recipe)

Peace be upon you! Friends today we are making easy Butter Chicken recipe In a quick and easy way

First, we will heat a piece of coal Let us marinate the chicken in the meantime we have cut it into small cubes the chicken has been washed and dried properly

This curd is thick. It should not contain water the curd is to be kept thick you may use any type of oil/whatever you use Mix everything properly and make some space in the center

we will give it a smokey flavor through the burnt coal add 1 tsp oil and cover we will marinate for only 5-10 minutes not more than that till then, let’s prepare other things the tomato skin is very easy to remove we will peel the tomatoes and grind them into a fine puree the butter has melted add the marinated chicken

we have removed the coal out of the chicken and we marinated the chicken only till the time the puree was being made (5-10 minutes and not more) as this is an instant recipe we are using a high flame mix everything properly when it starts to cook in this way we will lower the flame and cover.

let it cook for 5-7 minutes at low flame till then we will prepare other stuff We will prepare butter chicken gravy in the meantime once the butter melts, add a small onion saute the onions using a low flame till they are soft (not brown) slit the chili in this way the onions are soft

easy butter chicken recipe
butter chicken recipe

now cook the ginger-garlic paste along with the onions using a low flame Friends if you wish to download my recipes and its procedures

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we have cooked the ginger-garlic paste we will use very less salt as the chicken contains salt and the butter we have used also contains salt add water gradually and let the spices cook 1 tbsp water each time, not more

we will add tomato puree now when the puree starts to boil, cover & cook at low flame for 4-5 minutes till then let’s check the chicken has cooked for 5-7 minutes the water has dried completely we will turn them over check the chicken if it’s cooked the authentic butter chicken recipe is nicely cooked and is soft and can be broken easily

we will increase the flame a bit and properly cook the chicken till there are brown spots visible so that it looks like the grilled chicken we have roasted the chicken properly at high flame chicken has been grilled nicely.

we will put off the flame let’s check the tomatoes tomato puree is cooked nicely let us add some water and make a gravy we have added 1/2 cup water let it boil on high flame you can also use natural cream from milk crush the fenugreek leaves mix everything properly when it starts to boil this way, we will add chicken mix everything properly and lower the flame cover

let it cook for 2-3 minutes have passed you can see how quickly we have prepared No time was wasted. One by one each step was made and in less than half an hour our easy butter chicken recipe is ready

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See you in my next new recipe With an all-new exciting recipe Till then, take care. God protect you.

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