dominos zingy parcel recipe

Dominos Zingy Parcel Recipe | How To Make Zingy Parcel

Do you want to make dominos Zingy Parcel recipe at home? In this recipe, I have mentioned complete process in step by step manner friends.

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Hello friends read this recipe carefully so let’s make Zingy Parcel To make dominos Zingy Parcel recipe you need.

ingridients of zingy parcel recipe

150gm Maida ( All purpose flour ) one teaspoon yeast, it is also called as khamir it is used to proof maida.

and you can get it in any grocery store near you and you can even purchase it online one teaspoon pizza seasoning friends.

Pizza seasoning contains all spices and herbs and you will get this easily in the market.

one teaspoon sugar, this will give little sweetness to the dough

half teaspoon salt

little bit oil I have used olive oil, you can even use refined oil

little bit lukewarm water

100gm paneer

half teaspoon turmeric powder

three to four teaspoon melted butter

one teaspoon grated garlic

one teaspoon red chilli flakes

half teaspoon garam masala

one fourth black pepper powder

three to four tablespoon corn flour

two tablespoon mayonnaise for dominos zingy parcel recipe

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you need same dough as it is there for pizza and I am sharing complete process of making dough with you So let’s start…. first of all, we will activate the yeast for this we will take lukewarm water in bowl friends.

dominos zingy parcel recipe

how to make dominos zingy parcel recipe

don’t take too warm water else yeast will not be activated and add two pinch of salt to it one teaspoon sugar one teaspoon yeast mix it and leave for ten minutes so the yeast gets activated so now yeast is activated

let’s add maida to it and pizza seasonings also it terminates the smell of yeast and also gives the good flavor to pizza dough and now we add two tablespoons of olive oil now let’s mix it properly pleach it properly by adding some water add some water to it as per requirement friends.

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Friends we don’t have to pleach too tight or too loose. now we will keep it in this round form now take some oil on hands and apply it to dough properly

friends. I am repeatedly using word “dough”, pleach flour or maida is called as dough we will keep it in the bowl with cover and let it proof for 2-3 hours it will plim properly in 2-3 hours until the dough gets ready,

let’s make stuffing for zingy parcel first of all, cut the paneer into small pieces put the pieces of paneer in bowl half teaspoon turmeric powder one-fourth teaspoon black pepper powder half teaspoon garam masala few red chilli flakes half teaspoon pizza seasoning one-fourth teaspoon salt add two teaspoon mayonnaise and mix them properly

we have to mix them gently so that paneer doesn’t break and keep it for one hour to marinate to make dominos zingy parcel recipe yummier, let’s prepare garlic-butter paste here we have taken melted butter and grated garlic cast the garlic into butter and mix them properly this is optional.

garlic and butter give great taste to zingy parcel friends, i have created a time lapse of zingy parcel dough now the dough is ready we will pleach it again to remove the inside air now take some corn-flour stretch the dough and cut it into four equal pieces

now take one piece and spread con-flour and roll it down we have to roll it thin and not thick look at this, we have roll it to this size friends.

this is optional, but garlic gives more taste to zingy parcel we don’t have to apply butter until edges now we fold them so that they will acquire triangular shape after applying a little bit of butter,

we will do paneer stuffing and we will make parcel in this way now we will do some brushing of butter a little bit of pizza seasoning and red chilli flakes now we will keep them on a butter greased baking tray now all zingy parcel are ready

I am going to bake them at 200 C for 25 minutes look at them, they are perfectly baked.and they are perfectly baked from bottom do try them at home, everyone in your family will like them a lot if you liked my recipe

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