dominos style pizza recipe at home

Dominos Style pizza recipe in Hindi | how to make pizza

Hello Friends, Today we are going to make everybody’s favorite Cheese and yummy dominos style pizza recipe, I have simplified the process of making pizza dough and pizza sauce at home without much effort.

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How to make dominos style pizza recipe?

dominos style pizza recipe

To make pizza dough we need 150gm All purpose flour One tea spoon dry yeast one tea spoon sugar 2 pinch of salt Let’s check out what we require to put on pizza as topping, You can choose of your own coice Pizza Sauce I have taken 3 Colors bell pepper here medium long cut onions Mozzarella Cheese Paneer(Cheese) cut in cubes Sweet Corns Pizza Seasoning Chilli Flakes Friends every toppingis optional here except Pizza sauce and cheese. And you can put your favorite veggies.

Let’s make dough first We will take a little Luke warm water 1 tea spoon Dry Yeast 1 tea spoon sugar and add 2 pinch of salt, and we will mix it a little let it rest for 10 mins, that Yeast could activate See, Yeast is activated nicely Now let’s put all purpose flour Little bit pizza seasoning And put 1 tea spoon oil and mix it.

We will add required water to dough it Dough should neither be too tight or loose Our dough is ready Now we will take some oil and tuck the dough well Cover it and let it rest for 2 hours in room temperature.

It should proofed to dobule Tell then let’s prepare out pizza sauce We will put tomatoes in the boiling water to loose the peel and peel all the tomatoes Now cut the tomatoes to take out seeds All tomatoes seeds are taken out Now let’s make a smooth paste by adding the tomatoes in Mixer Put a little oil and let it heat it Put fine chopped Garlics And fine chopped onions We will not fry much And when it get little fry we will pour tomatoes pury Now we will ad salt Red chilli powder And a Little oregano/pizza seasoning and mix it.

Now Put 2 tea spoon tomato sauce A little sugar And mix it by adding butter Cover it and cook on simmer for 3-4 minutes Our pizza sauce is ready Pizza dough is perfectly proofed Now,

let’s dough it again to take out all air in the dough Now lets roll it and put it on pizza pan And spread it on all the edges Now, lets spread the pizza sauce Put it well and spread it I use grilled pizza pan that pizza could get nice bake at the base Now lets a little pizza seasoning Now, Let’s spread mozzarella cheese

Now lets put ball pepper I am adding 3 color ball pepper that pizza look colorful as well Now let’s put some onions Also put sweet corns Some paneer (Cheese) cubes Now some more pizza seasoning A little bit chili flakes And some more cheese Our pizza is ready to go for baking Oven is pre heated for 10 minuntes Now put the pizza in the oven Bake it for 20 minutes at 200 Degree We will bake the pizza at both side 15 minutes at top and, for 5 minutes at bottom that base could also has a little crunch. 20 minutes are done Le’s take out the pizza Our cheese and super yummy pizza is ready Now,

let’s cut it with pizza cutter Aroma is really nice hum super yummy Friends, If you liked my recipe please like it and also share my recipe with your friends Bye Bye

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