tres leches chocolate cake recipe

Tres Leches Chocolate Cake Recipe | easy tres leches chocolate cake

hey guys today we’re making the chocolate version of my tres leches chocolate cake this is the best tres leches cake for all you chocolate lovers

it’s a moist and delicious chocolate cake soaked in chocolate milk and topped with chocolate whipped cream it’s creamy and chocolaty and decadent and it’s the perfect chocolate cake for summer now before we start making the sponge cake base for this delicious cake we do need to melt the chocolate and butter together

which we’re going to add to the cake it’s important you do this now that way it has time to cool before you add it to your eggs I like to use the microwave for this it’s easy it’s fast just make sure you give it a stir every 30 seconds so the chocolate doesn’t burn set this to the side to cool and in the meantime we’re going to whip up the egg whites with half a teaspoon of lemon juice you can use cream of tartar if you prefer make sure you’re using a clean glass or metal bowl so the egg whites whip upproperly and when the eggs start to become foamy you can start adding the sugar one tablespoon at a time

if you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe and click that Bell I post new recipe post every week you’ll know your meringue is ready once it reaches stiff peaks and it becomes glossy set this to the side and in this other bowl I have some cocoa powder which we’re going to bloom some hot milk which will dissolve the cocoa and intensify the chocolate flavor of this delicious cake give this a good stir and to bring down the temperature of this mixture before adding the eggs we’re going to add the melted chocolate and butter which should have cooled by now now in case you’re wondering why my previous day’s leches cake doesn’t call for butter and this one does it’s because cocoa powder tends to absorb lots of moisture loss of liquid so this cake really does need that extra fat

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tres leches chocolate cake
tres leches chocolate cake

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I’ve mixed in the egg yolks and this is already looking so delicious you’re going to add your dry ingredients careful don’t over mix as soon as these are incorporated you’re ready to fold in the egg whites add three big dollops of your meringue to this cake batter to loosen and lighten this mixture and once those are mixed in you can fold in the rest of your meringue this batter may seem quite loose compared to other sponge cakes and that’s completely normal because of the additional chocolate and additional fat

you’re going to transfer this cake batter into a pan buttered floured and lined with parchment paper a round cake pan works just as fine and you’re going to bake this cake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius or 320 Fahrenheit for around 25 minutes do the toothpick test if it comes out clean the cake is ready you’re going to let this cake cool for five minutes and it’s pan and then turn it over onto a rack and let it cool completely okay

how to make chocolate tres leches cake recipe

so because this is a chocolate to the siliceous cake it only makes sense to soak this cake and chocolate milk so in my measuring cup I have some cocoa powder and chocolate and to this we’re going to add some hot milk which again will bloom the cocoa powder but also melt the chocolate give these a good mix and once everything has dissolved you can add your other milks instead of evaporated milk

I do like to use heavy cream as it gives this cake more richness and flavor and sweet condensed milk as usual give these a good stir and your chocolate milk bath is ready for you to enjoy no I’m joking okay so put the cake back in its pan and poke lots of holes into the cake using a fork or a toothpick and you’re going to pour your milk bath all over the cake if you’ve never made that as much as cake this may seem like a lot of liquid but the cake needs

it that’s the beauty of this cake you’re going to let this cakes it for at least an hour in the fridge and then depending on your texture preference you can either serve this cake in its pan with the excess milk or transfer it onto a serving plate like I do this is completely up to you in this a measuring cup that we use for our milk bath we’re going to make the chocolate whipped cream you’ll need some chocolate and cream add only half of the cream and you’re to microwave this stirring every 30 seconds until the chocolate dissolves add the sugar

and the remaining cream which will again lower the temperature of your mixture and you’re going to pop this in the fridge because whipped cream only whips if it’s extremely cold now if you want a shortcuts you can use just cocoa powder and cream and whip this up immediately however since your Tres Leches Chocolate Cake is already resting in the fridge for at least an hour

I suggest you use real chocolates because it’s more delicious and it has better texture whip your dreams to medium Peaks and we’re ready to cover the cake entirely and this delicious what’s create the cream as it sits in the fridge it will develop almost a soft mousse-like texture which is amazing I like to keep things pretty simple and just smooth the top with my bench scraper however if you want to have some chocolate curls or a dusting of cocoa powder that would be lovely and delicious now

because I’m not serving this cake in its pan I do like to trim the sides and this is optional now let’s talk about this cake the longer you leave it to sit the better it will become kind of like tiramisu you’ll give a chance to the chocolate milk not only to soak into the cake but also to develop its flavor even more and become one with the cake it’s going to be one of the best tres leches chocolate cake guys you’ll ever have I promise you I said it so drop everything you’re doing and go make this cake

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I know there’s a few extra steps but they’re all simple and definitely worth it here you can get a really good look at the texture of the cake you can see that chocolate milk just coming right through the cake it’s so moist and creamy definitely a tres leches chocolate cake you need to try

thank you for watching see you n next recipe

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