cheese pizza rolls

Cheese Pizza Rolls | How To Make Cheese Pizza Rolls

Hello friends today I will show you how to make cheese pizza rolls. It’s a different look of pizza only.

And its super easy to make. So lets begin!

I have taken mozzarrella cheese 150gms and I have already prepared pizza dough. I had shared a post on how to make it a few days back and the link to it have been shared in the description box.

Pizza sauce which is homemade and I have showed a post for it as well and the link is shared in the description box. You can use ready made pizza sauce as well.

Pizza seasoning it has all the spices and herbs and chili flakes. For pizza toppings I have taken 50 gm paneer cut into cubes, green and red capsicum and black olives. You can take veggies of your choice.

cheese pizza rolls
cheese pizza rolls

To coat paneer I have taken a little kashmiri red chili powder and salt. At first I will coat the paneer with kashmiri red chili and salt. A little of kashmiri red chili and salt only.

If you like you can use black pepper as well. We will dust a little flour. And now we will roll it. We need to roll it like this. Now we will put the pizza sauce.

We need to brush pizza sauce on all the sides nicely and spread it well. Friends this is my homemade pizza sauce. Its link have been shared in the description box.

also you can buy pizza sauce from amazon

Now lets put the toppings in. Lets put the paneer in as well. You can put your favourite vegetables as well. Lets put a little seasoning and chili flakes and little more cheese to make it more yummy.

Kids love cheese. Now we will roll cheese pizza rolls nicely. Rolling the corners nicely. Patiently roll it do not rush.

Lets water brush it and lock it so it doesn’t open.  Put the water at the corners. At times it opens up while baking. Press a little at the edges and lock the seal.

Lets cut it and I am using thread to cut. It makes easy and nice cuts. Friends we can cut it with knife as well but it can alter the shape at times.

Now we will put it on the baking tray. Be careful to put on the tray as they are very light and its shape can deform. Lets put some more cheese on top. I will put one olive each on top. Friends I will bake it on 200 degrees celcious for 25 mins. So lets put it in the oven.

Our cheese pizza rolls are ready. Friends I will show you by breaking it. Do try this at home and you all will love it.

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