besan ke ladoo recipe

Besan Ke Ladoo Recipe | How To Make Besan Ke Ladoo Recipe

Hello, friends today I will show you how to make super tasty Besan Ke Ladoo recipe. And that too quickly and in no time. You will love it. So Let’s begin.

To make Besan Ke Ladoo we need, 200gms Gram flour, 100gms powdered sugar, 100gms Desi ghee, and 1/2 tns cardamom powder.

Let’s turn the gas on. Now put Desi ghee in the pan. I am not pouring entire ghee at once and we are keeping a little aside. We will pour in steps according to need and let it melt.

Ghee has melted so medium the gas flame. Now put the gram flour in. Now a little more ghee in it. While making Besan ke ladoo recipe we need to make sure not to make the besan too sticky with the ghee dif ghee is more than enough then they won’t bind.

We need to be careful to roast the besan on medium flame only because on high flame it will burn and taste bitter. We need to roast the besan till they turn a different color and start becoming aromatic and ghee starts to separate.

Make besan ke ladoo with coarse gram flour only because fine besan becomes sticky in the mouth when eaten. It has become aromatic and has been separating ghee and it’s all wet and sticky.

We will cook it for 1/2min more and then turn the gas off. Besan has been roasted well and is wet with ghee so turn the gas off. Friends never put sugar while it’s hot. At first, cool it down and then mix the sugar.

besan ke ladoo recipe
besan ke ladoo ki recipe

Now we will put Cardamom powder while it’s hot so the flavor comes in nicely in the ladoos. Now let’s pour the besan in the bowl so it cools down fast. Pan is hot so it will take time to cool down so we will take it out in a bowl.

Friends we have roasted the besan and taken it out in a bowl. It is a little hot still. We don’t need to cool down entirely and mix sugar while its still a little hot. We have taken powdered sugar and mix it well with the besan.

You can alter the sweetness according to taste. I have mixed the powdered sugar nicely so make the ladoos. Now we will take a little mixture and bind and make small or big size ladoos accordingly.

We need to press it nice in hands and then bind and give a round shape. See our besan ke ladoo is ready so let it put on the plate. Friends if you feel the mixture is dry and its not binding so put 1-2tbs of ghee and mix.

It will bind well. See we made all the ladoos and put on the plate. See all the besan ke ladoo recipe are ready. Now we will put cashew on top and press a little.

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See I have put cashew on every ladoo and I have served them. Besan ke laddoo is tasty as well as healthy and cooks in no time. Do try this at home, you’ll love it.

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