alu vadi recipe

alu vadi recipe maharashtrian style (step by step) alu vadi recipe

Namaskar  Welcomes You all today, I am preparing alu vadi recipe Maharashtrian style

and the ingredients are Colocasia leaves Gram flour, oil, salt, coriander powder red chilies powder Garam masala Amchoor powder, Turmeric powder Ajwain and Rice Flour lemon juice This is all ingredients we need

I will prepare the batter first batter of gram flour and all this stuff Gram Flour is less than 300 gms but I will not put all only take that we need Rice Flour Coriander Powder 2 tablespoon red chili powder garam masala amchoor powder Turmeric Powder Ajwain Salt to taste Lemon juice I will mix it by hands

alu vadi recipe

we had prepared this batter not too thick we will take this Colocasia leaves and put this batter on it we have to turn it around and put this batter on it this point of the leaf we put on that side now this side this way we have to put this batter on it

we have put this batter on leaves now fold it now we will fold it by holding this lower leaves this way put the batter on it too now fold this way same this way we have prepared another one also we have put water to boil

now we will put some oil in it put this vadi on it water is boiling so we will put this vadi on steam cooking it on steam done after cooked on steam we have to fry this in oil alu (colocasia) leaves Vadi is done cooked on steam

let’s take it out This is so very hot now after cooling I will cut it into pieces this is cool now we will cut it cooked well we have made pieces now we will fry this in oil now this is called Alu vadi recipe

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Alu vadi i have prepared this alu Vadi nice crunchy look at this I don’t have teeth else I would have tell you how it tastes you should also prepare this and let me know in comments how you prepared it alu (colocasia) leaves vadi recipe you like Subscribe, share comments Thank you

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