10 best indian foods

10 Best Indian Foods to Eat In Mumbai

hello everyone today we have share 10 best indian foods that you must eat when you come india

india is big country and it is famous for its culture and foods

10 best indian foods

in india you can found different foods eat and cook in different state

today we have talk about 10 best indian foods that have you eat in mumbai when you visit mubai

also when you come to india you first visit mubai because it is big city of india

it is famous for travel city

which is best indian foods to eat in india?

I’m going to share with you 10 best Indian indian foods that you don’t want to miss eating when you’re in Mumbai. So keep reading this article for some incredibly delicious Mumbai street food.

Starting off at number one is vada pav, whichyou’ll also commonly hear as vada pao.

It’s one of the ultimate Indian street foods in Mumbai that you will find across the entire city.

It begins with a spiced mashed potato mixture, which is lightly battered and deep fried to a crisp.

The potato patty gets packed into a fluffy white bun, and then gets doused in a variety of extremely flavorful chutneys.

famous indian vada pav recipe
famous indian vada pav recipe

I’m not sure if this is a, if you push thisone down and then just kind of pick up the whole thing, I think you do. Oh wow. That is unbelievable.

The real wow factor of this vada pao are the different chutneys that are involved. Oh wow.

That’s like a salty, minty, spicy, just, powerfully flavorful, delicious vegetarian sandwich.

Aw, it’s really good. Bhelpuri is the perfect Mumbai beach snack,it’s crunchy, sour, sweet, salty, and spicy, and it just makes you want to keep eatingsnacking and hanging out.

There are many versions of bhelpuri, but itoften contains puffed rice, sev which are fried little crispies made from chickepeaflour, stirred up with onions, tomatoes, dhania, and a balance of salty, sweet, and spicy chutneys.

Once you start eating bhelpuri, you can’tstop. For this one I’m going to take the lime and squeeze it all over. It’s kind of sweet and savory and crispy.

Yah, it’s tastes like rice crispies just mixed with all sorts of sweet and tangy and spicy and onions.

Oh and there’s some potatoes in there on thebottom there too I think. With that squeeze of lime, that’s nice becauseit contrasts that sweet tangy sauce.

These little spoons are kind of flimsy. This is a good beach snack.

Sev puri is a type of Mumbai chaat that happensto be one of my personal favorites.

A flat crunchy puri is topped with creamypotatoes and onions, then it’s covered in tamarind, chili and garlic chutney, sprinkledwith diced bits of sour mango, and finally it’s topped in a heaping handful of sev, which are thin crispy noodles made from chickpea flour.

If I take out the first one, hopefully wecan all see what is inside. Oh yah, the cross section.

There are onions in there, and potatoes. Oh this is one of my favorite chaats. Mmm. That potato is so creamy, that it almost remindsme of guacamole.

It’s like avocado almost. It burns your throat a little bit going downand then you can taste the sweetness from the chutney.

It’s so well balanced and that is an awesome snack. It’s like crunchy and juicy.

These are right at that size where they arealmost too big to take a full bite, but then at the same time you’re just not sure if you want to bite it in half and risk collapsing the entire, the entire snack bite.

I’ll go with the one bite. Those chutneys, and then everything just collapsesin your mouth.

Pav Bhaji is one of Mumbai’s most dominanticonic street foods. It was originally invented in the 1850’s by street food vendors who took an assortment of leftover vegetables, mashed them all upwith some butter and spices like cumin and turmeric, and served it with bread.

Nowadays in Mumbai, pav bhaji is often preparedon a giant hot griddle, the potatoes, tomatoes, and spices are mashed up into a puree, swooshedaround with butter and water until they reach a saucy consistency and it’s served witha buttered toasted roll to mop it all up.

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So it’s the combination of pao which is abun like this, and the bhaji which is this tomato potato puree with spices.

You can feel the starchiness of the potato,but then it has a really nice like tartness from the tomato.

And then, it’s a little bit spicy, you cantaste that like blend of cumin and turmeric in there as well.

And then yah, you can taste the butter inthere quite well as well. That’s a very buttery fluffy roll.

A really quick intermission, I want to invite you to share to my 10 best indian foods For lots more food content.

Ok back to the 10 best indian foods. Grilled meat is an essential street food,and in Mumbai you’ll find some insanely tempting delicacies roasted over charcoal.

Along with chicken tikka, seekh kebabs, andboti kebabs, rolls, which usually consist of meat wrapped in bread are one of the greateston the go, or late night street food snacks.

In Mumbai you have to try the chicken bhunarolls. The rumali roti, a thin circular roti that’scooked on what looks like an upside down wok, is cooked fresh and then stuffed with bonelesschicken in a wonderfully flavorful tomato based gravy.

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Actually I think I should not actually unravelit, I think you’re supposed to tear it, tear so you don’t lose any juices on the bottom. That bread. That bread is amazing. It’s really very similar to a tortilla. Then that’s like shredded chicken with kind of a tomato spicy kind of yah, sauce.

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What is the most popular food in Mumbai?

Vada Pav
Pav Bhaaji
Misal Pav
Bhel Puri and Sev Puri
Akuri On Toast
Batata Vada
Baida Roti
it is most popular food in mumbai

What are the best Indian dishes to try?

Butter Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
Rogan Josh
Palak Paneer
Tandoori Chicken
Malai Kofta
Chole (Chickpea Curry)
Kaali Daal
dosa(south indian food)

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  1. Very nicely written. Yes these are best food to eat while one is in Mumbai or in India. If one are in Mumbai and don’t taste Batata Vada, then he is missing actual Mumbai


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